Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dualisms, socio-materialism, doctoral encounters and the affective turn

I am a member of an NRF project led by Vivienne Bozalek at the University of the Western Cape entitled Posthumanism, the Affective Turn and Socially Just Critical Higher Education Pedagogies. We had a seminar last week, with two presentations that had  much relevance for our SOTL @ UJ project, which is why I draw attention to them in this blog.  The first focuses on the work of feminist Val Plumwood and attempts to show how the Community, Self and Identity project dealt with binary dualisms in higher education:

The second considers the same project briefly, through the lens of sociomaterialism:

Regarding exciting seminars, Yusef Waghid from the University of Stellenbosch and prolific author of many interesting books on social justice in higher education, including Pedagogy out of bounds: Untamed variations of democratic education (2014; Sense) will be making a presentation at the University of Johannesburg at Council Chambers on 12 November at 12.00 - 14.00 pm. The seminar is part of a series on the scholarship of teaching and learning, that is being offered jointly by the Chair: Teaching and Learning, Professional Academic Staff Development and the Postgraduate Centre. The seminar will focus on Democratic Education in Motion: Dancing with Doctoral Encounters.

Our last project seminar of this year will be presented by Bella Vilakazi, on the affective turn. This will be at 1.30 pm in B-Ring 5 on Thursday 23 October 2014. The last actual event of this year is the research workshop, which will be toward the end of November. That is where we will really look carefully at how we will be researching teaching, and what we will be researching.

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