The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at the University of Johannesburg (SOTL@UJ) - towards a socially just pedagogy has been set up at the University of Johannesburg as from May 2014. The purpose of the project is for academics and academic developers to come together to explore approaches towards the scholarship of teaching and learning, which will advance socially just teaching and teaching for social justice. A very early draft conceptual framework is contained in the page on Conceptual Framework.

Purpose of the project:

·      To support a community of practice at UJ with regard to the scholarship of teaching and learning
·      To generate scholarly debate about what social justice in regard to the teaching and learning might mean at a comprehensive South African university

·      To use findings to inform strategic planning about teaching and learning at UJ.

There are currently 20 project members from academic support and four faculties at the University. The Team will meet approximately eight times a year. 

Anticipated timeline:

Phase One: June 2014 - June 2015: discuss theoretical approaches and generate conceptual framework
Phase Two: January 2015 - June 2016: discuss applications to classroom teachings and findings
Phase Three: July 2016 - December 2016: discuss guidelines for UJ and publish articles and other forms of dissemination.
Non-members are welcome to attend project seminars. 

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