Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Two interesting journals

Two journals relevant to the SOTL@UJ project have just put out new issues.

The first is the International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (IJSOTL) which is published in Georgia, the US. Issue 8.2 covers a wide range of topics, including concept mapping, feedback by graduate assistants to biology students (I thought this was rather useful), learning about mathematics, statistics and race. The journal has free access, at:

The second is Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning (CRISTAL), which is published by the University of the Western Cape. This also has free access. There are several articles relevant to our project concerning social justice, but the one I would most like to highlight is that by Lis Lange, entitled: Rethinking Transformation and Its Knowledge(s): The Case of South African Higher Education. She argues that the concept of transformation has been impoverished, and makes a useful distinction between knowledge of transformation, and knowledge for transformation. Her comments on universities and their pasts, which require re-examination, as well as her comments on different kinds of knowledge, make this an important contribution. The journal is accessible at:  It is a pity that South Africa has such a strong push towards incentives for particular journals only, as I would really urge people with a critical, transformative inclination, to publish here. This issue also has articles on educational change, social work and knowledge in engineering.

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